Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ego, mind and Self

The mind is merely a reflection of the Self. It takes to its heels when searched for. It is non-existent in sleep. It is neither visible nor tangible. Why nurture it?

Unless the ego is traced to its source one cannot be Self-aware. The idea that one is the body must be uprooted. A flower has to blossom before bees can enter it. If the petals are closed how can they enter?

Once the flower blossoms the bees do not have to be invited. They will come automatically. Similarly if the ego veils the Self, how can we have Self-knowledge?

Earnest seekers practicing the way grasp the truth at once. For the rest, the truth must be explained gradually, step by step, after checking if they have understood what had been told to them earlier.

-- Bhagavan's words noted by N.N.Nataraja Iyer, UY p147 25-10-1943 3:00 pm

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