Monday, June 25, 2007

Deliverance of Lakshmi

In my letter to you under the caption “Worship of the
Cow,” I described to you the grandeur of Lakshmi, the queen
of the cows, and the amount of love Bhagavan had for her. To
that queen, as for his own mother, Bhagavan on Friday the
18th of June gave Videha Mukti (liberation). That morning
when I went to the Ashram, I was told that Lakshmi was
seriously ill and would not survive the day. So I went straight
to the cow shed, without seeing Bhagavan even. The room
built for the calves was vacated, cleaned and Lakshmi was
given a bed of straw to lie down upon. As it was Friday, she
was as usual decorated with turmeric paste, vermilion mark
on the forehead and a garland of flowers round the neck and
horns. Venkataratnam was sitting by the side fanning her.

Lakshmi was lying down with her majestic look spreading
lustre all round. She reminded me of Kamadhenu going to
Kailas to do abhishekam with milk over the great Lord Siva.

When I went to Bhagavan and prostrated before him
and got up, he looked at me with a divine look. Taking it as an
order, I said I would go and stay with Lakshmi. He nodded
his head in assent and I went immediately. Venkataratnam
gave me the fan and left. Sitting in that place I began repeating
Ramana Dwadasakshari (twelve letters of Ramana Mantram),
Ashtotharam (108 names of Ramana), etc. and Lakshmi
appeared to hear them attentively.

When Bhagavan came to the cowshed at 9-45 a.m. as
usual he came to see Lakshmi. Bhagavan sat on the hay by
her side, lifted her head with both his hands, and passing
one of his hands lightly over her face and throat, and then
placing his left hand on the head, began pressing with the
right hand fingers her throat right down to the heart. 

After pressing like that for about a quarter of an hour he said,
addressing Lakshmi, “What do you say, mother? Do you want
me to stay here alone? I could stay, but what to do? All people
could be around you as in the case of my mother. Even so,
why? Shall I go?
” Lakshmi remained calm, devoid of all the
bonds of this world and of the pains of her body as though
she were in samadhi. Bhagavan sat there unwilling to move
and with a heart full of compassion. I was overwhelmed at
the sight and exclaimed involuntarily, “Oh! Mother
Alagamma had the greatest luck. So has Lakshmi now.

Bhagavan looked at me with a smile. Subramaniam came
and said, “It seems the doctor will not be coming till 10-30
as there is no immediate danger to Lakshmi.” 

“All right. So Doctor will not be coming now. Have you brought the
medicine for injection?” asked Bhagavan. Turning towards
Lakshmi and gently stroking her head and neck, he said,
What do you say? May I go?” 

Subbulakshmi said, “She will
feel happy if Bhagavan is by her side.” “That is so, but what
to do?” So saying and looking into the eyes of Lakshmi,
Bhagavan said, “What? May I go? Won’t you tell me?
Lakshmi looked at him proudly. What reply Bhagavan got,
we do not know but he got up and went away saying, “See
that the flies do not get into the mouth.” I assured him that
we would take due care of Lakshmi and Bhagavan left the
place very reluctantly.

(From Letters From Sri Ramanasramam. To be continued)

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