Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Deliverance of Lakshmi - II

(Continued from previous post)

With the divine touch of Bhagavan, the outer breath of
Lakshmi began subsiding and the movement of the body
began to decrease. When the doctor came at 10-30 and gave
an injection Lakshmi remained unaffected as if the body
was not hers. There was no death agony. Her sight was calm
and clear. The doctor turned her over into the posture of
Nandi, put some medicine on the boils and went away
instructing us to keep some support for the head. As it was
11-30 by then, Venkataratnam came back after having his
meal. He asked me to hold up the head saying he would
bring some more hay. The tongue touched me and it was icy
cold; the life of Lakshmi reached the feet of Sri Ramana and
was absorbed in Him.

Ten minutes later, Bhagavan came into the shed saying,
“Is it all over?” and squatted by her side, took her face in
both his hands as though she were a little child, and lifted it
and said, “Oh Lakshmi, Lakshmi,” and then, to us,
controlling his tears, he said, “Because of her, our family
(the Ashram) has grown to this extent
.” When all were
praising Lakshmi, Bhagavan asked, “I suppose the doctor
has not troubled her much, did he? How did her life cease?”
We told him all that had happened. “That is all right. Did
you notice this? The right ear is uppermost now. Till
yesterday she was lying down on her other side. Because of
the boil she was turned over to this side. So this ear had to
come up. Look, in the case of people who die in Kasi, people
say Lord Siva will whisper into the right ear. Lakshmi too
has her right ear up,” said Bhagavan, and showed that ear
to all people there. 

By that time, crowds gathered. After a
quarter of an hour, Bhagavan got up and said, “Ramakrishna
has been saying for the last ten days that a good tomb
(samadhi) must be built for Lakshmi.” Bhagavan then went
away to the hall.

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